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Tom's Old "T"


This project is based on a ton TT Truck with a Cab like the *Field Body Corporation of  Owosso, Michigan built for Ford Motor Company during the mid to late 1900's. This new Cab has been designed very close to the original Field dimensions but is made out of 1/8" 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum with an interior framework of steel tubing. All of the cutout of the Aluminum Sheet was done using the latest Waterjet Cutting process with a tolerance of approximately seven-thousandths of an inch. Each Aluminum panel is fastened to the interior frame with *Cherry-Max rivets. Cherry-Max rivets are used in the Aerospace industry and every rivet used on this project will withstand over 600-pounds of shear per rivet.


This Truck Cab and Stake Bed are for sale:   Asking $3,000.00



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